We are available to perform one of our scripts for an evening for which you promote and sell the tickets and organise the meal and prizes. 

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the Top Drawer formula:

The Murder Evening:

  • We provide a company of 5-6 professional actors in costume to stage the event from one of our scripts.
  • We can also have scripts tailored for your event (contact us for details).
  • Each guest receives a printed booklet containing background information about the script you have chosen some clues to the characters. Some will also receive buttonholes and hats.
  • The action takes place over dinner with a running time of approximately three hours, and is ideally suited to a maximum of 120 guests.
  • It is a fun evening during which the guests will witness a well staged murder and be involved “hands on” in the investigation to identify the murderer. At the end ask for the audience to figure out who did the crime (the winners get a prize – which you provide).

Your Part:

We suggest that you:

  • Advertise the event with pricing and sell the tickets.
  • Provide the three course meal and coffee for the guests and actors.
  • Offer guests a complimentary drink upon arrival.
  • Provide appropriate prizes for the evening.
  • The cost for hiring Top Drawer for a 100 person  event is approximately £1350 inclusive of VAT, actors, scripts, handouts and traveling expenses. Other expenses like accommodation will be negotiated.

More Information:

To organise an event or ask any questions you may have please contact us.